Van life, a Road of Possibility.

By Ricardo Canto 



“Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do.”
These days we find ourselves surrounded by constant external pressures that maintain our seemingly busy lives, in which most of the time we are seeing ourselves compromising on our happiness. When we place ourselves on the road, situations change constantly ,which allow you to experience different things and interact with a wider variety of cultures, people, feelings and so, with a change of situation comes a change in yourself, as you interact with the expanding changes in your life.

When you choose a change in your life, it can come in many ways, as we are all different expressions of one another. If you feel attracted to the idea of living on the road, even if it is for a while at least, I totally recommend the experience as it has the potential of constant change. When you don’t like an idea or situation, you can always drive away, changing your view and you start noticing again how along with your perception, your ideas grow in unexpected ways, welcoming the change. One minute you can be talking with a man at a pub in Kent about a totally boring subject whilst a short while later you might be in France, drinking wine and celebrating life differently; maybe more according to what you want to experience in life. It frees you in a sense to experience different things faster than you would seem to if you were to choose working a 9 to 5 job, that allows only for so many changes, making ourselves feel stuck. Remember van lifewe are always free to choose differently for ourselves at any given moment, not minding so much about the external pressures, in a sense giving yourself the power to choose what you want to feel when you want, as you can constantly change your surroundings.


Going wherever you want to go , doing whatever you want to do, or finding yourself doing things that open your view about a particular subject you feel attracted to, you can discover a path of enjoyment and with that feeling of liberation you start making changes simultaneously, focusing more on what is good for you because it feels good , regardless of any other external pressures that we surround ourselves with in our chosen lifestyles.

On the road you are always crossing with people of different nationalities , that are going somewhere with their own purpose.  From your travelling sense, you see that you are equally driving , however you have chosen to feel differently about it because of your conditioning; you are travelling whilst they might be going to work.  Even if the action seems the same; with you driving in the vehicle behind on the same road, the outcome or possibilities are different for you, as they will be for a person that has the same schedule week after week. When you have excitement for life you are creating exciting things for yourself to experience , which makes life definitely worth sharing, as you move along and share within the different situations and beings you come across. Definitely an enjoyable lifestyle , at least from my personal experience.