by Ricardo Canto Vendrell.


The moon exerts its influence towards the earth and its inhabitant species, with some perceiving this more than others, depending on their sensibility, and its effects can be used for favourable outcome when aware of it. Next we will explain the phases of the moon for further comprehension of the information. New moon , when the moon is situated between the earth and the sun , because of this, its illuminated part is not visible from Earth. Following the movements , Crescent moon, period in which the moon goes from New moon to Full Moon and can be seen lit more and more each day. Full moon, when the moon is exposed to the sun at its maximum seen from earth. Descending moon , when it goes from Full moon to New moon again and its illuminated part will resemble a “C”.

During New moon: its a good day to eliminate any bad habits, good day to fast, because the elimination of toxins is at a peak, and physical energy is renewed slower than usual.
Crescent moon: the body gets the majority of the nutrients that is receiving for its development. If your body has tendency to gain weight, it is a period to take care of yourself. It is a period in which is more common to externalize emotions. It is a good time to learn new things and put new projects forward.
Full moon, period in which physical energy is renewed faster, therefore a good period to materialize a project. The light at night causes a vigilant state, so insomnia is common during full moon. The excess of energy during this period can be channelled towards physical activities, some of its effects can be perceived up to 3 days.
Descending moon, choose this period to start an action of detox in any organ of the body, profiting from a more favourable elimination of toxins. Its a period that favours reflection and introspection.

All of the above effects are seen to have relationship to the effects observed in nature and therefore when it comes to working the land and obtaining the desired results watching out for the lunar influences is key, as it affects all of the masses of water on earth, not only the seas and rivers, but also plants, animals and us humans, being composed in our majority of water. The moon will therefore dictate the best periods to do the different tasks on the land and on ourselves.

During the day time, the same phenomenon is observed, during the morning the energies are rising and therefore it will be a good period to sow your seeds and collect leafy veg. IMG-20150928-WA0020.jpgDuring the afternoon energies are in descent , it is time for planting , working the land or collecting roots. At the same time during the afternoon and in Descending moon it is the best time for planting and transplanting.  When it comes to fertilizing your soils, it is best for assimilation and decomposition purposes to do it during Descending moon , at the same time energies during descending moon will be favourable for planting trees. The conditions that will favour reaping will almost always be during Crescent moon, period which is connected to our better assimilation of produce.

Wood being a material that is alive even after cutting, receives the lunar influence specially in the moment of cutting. To obtain a more resistant, quality wood to be able to use after in carpentry, utensils, constructions etc., it is convenient to cut the trees at an appropriate time, that is, during the descending moon, between the falling of leaves and the winter solstice. For water recollection start the job in New moon and Crescent moon , during the Descending moon the waters are lost.
With everything in nature being connected in this special way, amongst others , it is of importance to be aware of the regenerative processes on earth using these energies to our advantage. Since if we work with the natural flow of things the results will be at the same time more natural and more rewarding.